Crew Stuart, Mitra and Laurence joined at 8.30pm on Fri evening for a safety briefing on board Ultra, the crew’s experience was mixed, Stuart was redeeming a voucher and had 3 days corporate sailing experience, Mitra had crewed in dinghies but little big yacht experience and Laurence had been a few times with us and had completed his Coastal Skipper. On Sat morning we left our mooring in Cobbs Quay to pass through the 0930 Twin Sails bridge as the tide was quite low for a later one, we made our way out to Studland Bay where everyone had the chance to steer the yacht on all points of sail and practice man Overboard Drill which is very important at the start of any passage, I needed to know that if I fell over the side the crew would be able to pick me up. At about lunch time the tide became facourable for us to head off towards The Solent and Lymington, as the wind was in the North we were able to make good progress and found we had time on our hands to make a detour to Newtown River where we anchored under sail for afternoon tea and cakes, it was very crowded with yachts possibly because this was the day of the Round The Island Race. We didn’t stay long as we wanted to ensure of a berth at Lymington Town Quay, it was good weather and so every man and his dog was out sailing however we were in luck and found a berth alongside two other yachts. We enjoyed a meal ashore at The Ship which I had pre booked.

Sunday was an earlyish start at 8am in order to arrive back in Poole in time for lunch and the 1430 bridge, at first there was no wind so we had to use the iron topsail but surely enough the wind arrived and we had a excellent sail home amongst all the other yachts returning from The Round The Island Race. Mitra was awarded her Start Yachting Certificate and now only requires two more weekends to become a Competent Crew.